Clean Tech

Our concern for the environment and desire to compete globally, all came together in MFAR Carbon. (Active Char Products Pvt. Ltd (ACPL), Indo German Carbons Limited IGCL and Cochin Surfactants Pvt. Ltd will be merging into one by early 2020 to leverage its expertise in enabling clean air and water solutions.

Active Char Products

Active Char Products Pvt. Ltd (ACPL) is one of the largest manufacturers of coconut shell charcoal-based steam activated carbon in the world.
The company is part of the MFAR group’s three carbon companies. The group has over 17 years of experience in carbon Industry with unmatched technical acumen and product expertise.
Ever since its establishment in 2005, working with global standards has always been the guiding vision at Active Char Pvt Ltd. It is a full-fledged export-oriented unit and one of the first activated carbon plant of its kind in India. The carbon group has the installed annual production capacity of 16000 Metric tons.


Indo German Carbons Limited [IGCL] is the first Activated Carbon project of its kind in India. It combines the best of German technology with Kerala’s abundant coconut production to manufacture world-class activated carbon from coconut shells.


Cochin Surfactants Pvt. Ltd. Is an export-oriented unit, manufacturing industrial gaskets.

Group Highlights

A Hospitality Chain across the Indian Ocean Rim
Million Sq Ft Constructed and Counting
years dedicated to Higher Education
Producer of Activated Carbon in India