Group Overview

To bring together the great potential of people and natural resources and in doing so, create value for all.

“Working to global standards” has been the guiding vision over the years. Through our farsightedness, professionalism, collaboration and commitment to the highest standards, we shape successful and sustainable projects and communities.

PMA International is a multi-sectoral investment arm and a conglomerate with extensive global expertise in infrastructure, hospitality, and manufacturing business insights.

PMA International LLC has a presence in different sectors ranging from Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Jewelry and Real Estate Development in the Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Maldives, Sri Lanka and India.

With decades of experience across globe, PMA International has demonstrated innovation, commitment and passion. PMA International continues to seeks to develop new investment opportunities for industries and communities, identifying newer advanced technologies, helping people develop the best in themselves, and by doing so, creating real value for all.

Group Highlights

A Hospitality Chain across the Indian Ocean Rim
Million Sq Ft Constructed and Counting
years dedicated to Higher Education
Producer of Activated Carbon in India