Our Focus is to bring in value to peoples’ lives through successful investing. When we ensure strategic investment, numerous investors from all walks of life fulfill their dreams and long-term financial goals, whatever they might be.

PMA International makes equity investments in profitable companies, capitalizing on the fast-growing Global markets. Our team has a unique insight and understanding of various sectors. We use our experience to assist management of portfolio companies in order for them to reach the goals of their particular organization.

Our investment professionals have a longstanding track record investing in different sectors, including: building material supply, logistics & warehousing, maintenance services, service related businesses,   construction, Fish Meal production, agriculture, waste recycling and waste-to-energy, other green energy technologies, and fuel distribution.


PMA International is a world-class investment company, investing in, and owning a diversified portfolio of independently managed businesses. We provide opportunities for our employees, stakeholders and communities to benefit, whilst directly and indirectly contributing to the economic growth of the Sultanate of Oman.


Established more than a decade ago, PMA International is a multi-disciplinary group operating within the following preferred areas of investment, although we would consider any industry should the business case be feasible:

  • Construction & Real Estate Development

  • Hospitality 

  • Oil and Gas Sector- Services and Manufacturing 

  • Food Processing for Animals and Humans

  • Service Related Businesses

  • Waste Recycling and Waste-to-energy

  • Other Green Energy Technologies

  • Fuel Distribution

Extensive Experience & Expertise

Our aim is to not only grow our own intrinsic/fundamental value, but also that of the companies we invest in. This includes the fundamental characteristics and value of our companies, as well as their earning power.

At PMA International, we get involved in companies that have a history of profitable operations and then assist these businesses to grow and prosper. Our involvement will be in the form of an investment as an equity partner. We look at the investments as our long term strategic partner in growth.

We invest in already profitable businesses, and the stakeholders will therefore be rewarded for building up the company. In other instances, where we invest in businesses with potential, we will buy in, take the equity and the funds will be retained in the business for growth. In the majority of instances, we will invest our own cash into the business. In very unique and rare cases we will look at a leveraged buy-out

Sustainable business practice is a cornerstone of PMA International’s operating philosophy, and the group is committed to on-going transformation.