Our Logo


The MFAR logo and its 4Ms are a powerful representation of the company’s journey and the story that is at the heart of MFAR.

The Star – Epitomizing Focus and Commitment.

The Star reflects PMA International’s unwavering focus and ambition. PMA International strives to be the leading light wherever it goes and in whatever it does. Gold represents PMA International’s vitality as a company.

Like the Star in our logo, we aim to shine in every aspect of our business, help our people shine, and encourage them to excel. As long-sighted and courageous leaders, we strive to shape our operating environment through innovative thinking. We are committed to promoting a progressive society by working with the community.

Group Highlights

A Hospitality Chain across the Indian Ocean Rim
Million Sq Ft Constructed and Counting
years dedicated to Higher Education
Producer of Activated Carbon in India