PM foundation

In 1988, Dr P. Mohamed Ali founded the PM Foundation (PMF), a philanthropic initiative based in Kerala. For nearly 30 years, we have supported and encouraged excellence in education. For more information, visit

Providing critical support and guidance to needy and meritorious students in their pursuit of higher education is the primary objective of the PMF. In this regard, the Foundation is involved in initiatives such as:

  • Identifying and rewarding outstanding student, teacher, and school achievements to promote excellence in education.
  • The support and promotion of selected academic programs and competitive examinations.
  • Improvement of the quality and efficiency of teaching being imparted.
  • Providing interest-free educational loan


The main objective of the PMF is to encourage education and academic excellence among needy and meritorious students by providing critical support and counselling to pursue their higher education. To this effect, the Foundation is involved in initiatives such as:
  • Promoting excellence in education by recognizing and rewarding the outstanding achievements of students, teachers and schools.
  • Support and promotion to pursue selected academic programmes and competitive examinations.
  • Enhancement of the efficiency and quality of the teaching being imparted.


PMF has been involved in healthcare in association with NGOs and hospitals. It has been running a medical assistance program which provides financial support to patients in need of a range of medical interventions. PMF has provided grants to the following Hospitals:
  • Malabar Cancer Center, Thalassery, Kannur
  • Iqraa International Hospital & Research Centre, Calicut
  • Mother Hospital, Thrissur
  • Lisie Hospital, Ernakulam
  • Sri Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology, Trivandrum.
PMF also supported the following NGOs:
  • Pain & Palliative Care Society, Thrissur
  • Shanthi Nikethanam Charitable & Welfare Trust, Palakkad
  • Punarjani Charitable Trust, Thrissur
  • MSS Trivandrum.
  • Santhi Pain & Palliative Care Society, Kalpatta, Wayanad



Dr P Mohamed Ali, our founder, has always believed that an educated society is the cornerstone of a strong nation. His philosophy of education has always been to empower children and adults for positive social change.

The CSM Central School at Thalikulam, where our founder was born, focuses on youth education. Besides providing scholarships to meritorious students, MFAR supports the school’s football and athletic teams. MFAR also supports the Thalikulam Vikas Trust (TVT) in Thrissur, Kerala. Established in 2004, TVT trains underprivileged village men and women to become independent in order to find appropriate employment and earn a living.

Through specialized education in the areas of life skills and employment opportunities, we provide a beacon of hope for men and women in our communities. Our skill development efforts are focused on Computer Training, Call Center Training, Tailoring, and Craft Skills.

We are focussed on the following areas of skill development:
  • Computer Training
  • Call Centre Training
  • Tailoring
  • Craft Skills

Community Empowerment

We engage with communities by demonstrating our core values which are farsightedness, commitment, professionalism, and a focus on people. The idea that the empowerment of our communities lies at the heart of empowering our nation originates from our Chairman and Founder, Dr P. Mohamed Ali. At MFAR, we engage in a wide range of social outreach programs through our foundations and charitable trusts.

With a focus on health, access to medical services, employment, upliftment and empowerment at all levels of society, MFAR’s corporate social responsibility is not an afterthought but is woven into our corporate fabric and intrinsic to our vision, mission and philosophy.


Rasiya Charitable Trust was established in 2009 to provide financial assistance in the areas concerned with Orphanages, Senior Citizens Homes, Healthcare, Disaster Relief and Education.


As a part of our commitment to improving the health of our communities, MFAR has conducted several programs aimed to increase awareness about health conditions and organized camps to improve health in our communities.

Charitable, Educational, and Social Activities


    Over 1400 students are enrolled at the CSM Central School (Chandanaparambil Syed Mohamed Haji Memorial Central School), an institution affiliated with the CBSE board, New Delhi.


    The PM Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust registered in the year 1988 with the object of promoting education among backward communities in India. The main object of the Foundation is to help students with financial assistance required to prepare them for competitive examinations.


    It is the aim of the Social Advancement Foundation of India (SAFI) to provide advanced education to people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.


    Dr Ali has dedicated his life to bringing smiles to the faces of his fellow villagers in Thalikulam, Kerala. His dream project, “My Village, my Dream,” aims for the overall development of his village with the slogan “employment for all, house for all, education for all, health for all, & social security for all.” Over 300 houses have been built and given to the needy as part of this endeavor. Further, every household has at least one employed member. A school and charity foundation have been established to support poor students. Moreover, an old age pension scheme has also been instituted as part of this project.