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We Build Dreams
For The 21st Century
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Value For All
We Build Dreams
For The 21st Century
We Build
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Welcome to PMA International

PMA International is a multi-sectoral investment conglomerate focused on infrastructure development, hospitality, technology, engineering construction in the Oil & Gas Industry and education, having its presence in all GCC countries, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka. We shape successful and sustainable projects and communities through our professionalism, farsightedness, collaboration, and commitment to the highest standards. As an organization with five decades of global experience, we exemplify innovation, commitment and excellence. At PMA International, we leverage our expertise and resources to identify new investments in industry and communities, identify advanced technology, and assist individuals in achieving their highest potential, thus creating real value for everyone.

Group Highlights

A Hospitality Chain across the Indian Ocean Rim
Million Sq Ft Constructed and Counting
years dedicated to Higher Education
Producer of Activated Carbon in India
Our Commitment
PMA International is passionate about improving the lives of people and communities, with decades of investment into causes of education, women empowerment and healthcare.
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